Presenting...The Real Food Adventure

Some notes about my family and our new adventure! Alright, if we're being honest this is something I should have started a long time ago. I've done things similar to this before for this reason or the other. This time I'm more serious. Partly because I'm passionate about food, good food, soul food, and healthy food but partly because I watched a few documentaries that scared me with the blunt reality of our food supply and what happens to it after leaving the farm or science lab. If you would like to see what I mean, check out the documentaries “Fed Up” and “Food Inc”.

They made me realize that by not changing the way we eat, we're allowing big companies to decide or at least have a big say in the fate of our health. But whaaaat? Don't we want to be in control of our own health? Sure, and we can be. It works like this, food companies are in business to make a profit. We buy what they give us, they’ll give us more. If we reach for alternatives, they’ll shut down. Ha, just kidding, actually, they’ll get wise quick and adjust to our new demands to get our money. Sounds fair enough to me! If you don’t buy it, think of a few food items that offer their original products but now have alternatives. For example, Heinz now offers, Simply Heinz which is free of high fructose corn syrup and now uses sugar. I can’t taste a difference. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise offers varieties made without soybean oil and uses things like canola oil instead. Take a look at your dried and freeze dried fruit aisle, it’s expanded! Proof is in the puddin’ folks.

…Back to our new adventure… Eating differently… I'm not talking about eating all organic. I'm not saying we should all toss our sweets and go all healthy 100%. I’m not even suggesting a swift drastic change. I'm just sayin, don't you want that cookie you're eating to be made of ingredients that you can pronounce? Don't you want your butter to actually come from a cow? And how bout that teriyaki sauce, (I know, you'll realize I have a teriyaki obsession,) don't you think honey and brown sugar is a better replacement to high fructose corn syrup? Don't even get me started on the amount of products that have color added just so we think it looks pretty.

 See, I'm not talking about all “healthy” foods. I'm talking about eating real food again. So, join us on our journey while we navigate the world of real food. Learn with me and share with me. I will likely make some inedible foods but, if I’m lucky, I’ll make a few dishes that even the toddler will eat ;)

Let me clarify a couple of “rules” if you will.

  • As a family, we dine out maybe twice a month. We’ll continue to do so and treat ourselves when we go. What’s the fun in the food world if we can’t try new foods and indulge every so often?
  • Birthday parties, family parties, holiday parties, school parties and anything else that ends in, parties, is free game. Again, if we want to maintain a certain way of eating, we must be flexible.

I’m thrilled for this new adventure! Let’s call it, the Real Food Adventure! Next up, grocery shopping and our first Real Food Adventure Meal!

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