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Riding the Wave..Errr Wake

New to the virtual world! Actually, I myself am not new to the virtual world at all. I have spent hours upon hours researching the next big adventure for my family as well as the best items to outfit my family for said adventures. Then, I somehow became known as the travel guru among my circle of friends. Family members started asking me where the best places to visit were during certain times of year. They wanted to know how I always planned the best getaways without being there first. I’ve had others ask me to plan out their vacations for them even if I had never been to their proposed destination before. Eventually, I started to accept my knack for finding the best campgrounds, family activities, and hikes.

It's time to ride the waves and stop fighting what I appear to be good at! That is where Adventure Family Outfitters comes in. Though it’s new to the market today, it’s been brewing for some time.

My name is Sarah, a wife to an amazing, hard working man, and a mother to three crazy fun kids. Travel and adventure was part of my upbringing and has become part of who we are as a family now. It’s become increasingly important to me for my children to have the gift of experience.

About 3 years ago my husband and I sat down for our yearly strategy meeting and discussed our long term and short term goals. One of our goals was to become more active as a family. We wanted to get outside more and experience life through action. Part of that initiative meant that we would make a conscious decision to cut back on “things”. We wanted to put our resources toward experience or items that enhanced our experience. That year for Christmas our kids (ages 6, 4 1/2, and a 6 month old at the time) got sleeping bags, camping plates, cups, and sporks, car games, and hiking packs along with a spring camping trip. Of course we didn’t cut them off cold turkey. They got a few toys too! Fast forward 3 years and my kids are actually asking for experience items for Christmas! Experiences such as ice time at the ice arena, hockey games, movie tickets, and a ski trip!

Adventure Family Outfitters will be dedicated to sharing our life adventures, tips & tricks, and how we outfit for such occasions.

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