Wishful Wednesday

Good Morning!

**I interrupt my weekly check in with my Real Food Adventure to bring you this epiphany!** For real though, ground breaking stuff going on..

Last night before I went to bed I was texting a friend. We usually swap our daily battles at the end of the evening. Both of us felt drained and beat by life… Pretty typical for a Tuesday though, right? Two parents, outnumbered by the kids, afterschool activities, homework, dinner and even the dog has an activity….

This friend and I were talking about what we were going to do the next day. We were making fun of ourselves because we know we are overambitious about our daily schedules. Well last night before turning off the light I said, to my friend, you know what, we are gonna kick Wednesday's Ass! I’m entirely sick of planning and saying that I’m “going to”. For the first time in my life I don’t need to plan. I finally have the freedom to DO. Being the sarcastic filled person who enjoys a good dose of irony I decided to take this attitude for Wishful Wednesday.

Living in the moment. Life Adventures.

What exactly does this mean? Simply put, this means living in the moment. Am I the only one who will plan for something weeks, months or years out because it’s exciting? Why not plan the day before and make it just as exciting? Why not stop planning and dust off that Pinterest page so you can begin to DO?

You know how some people look in the mirror and say, “That’s it! I’m going to eat right starting now! “? Or maybe you’re a parent and you just got done yelling at your child as a means of control, then you think, okay, no more yelling, there is a better way.

My moment was when I realized that I have begun to dread my kid’s sports practices and games. Mostly because it takes away from my time. Precious time of getting things done that I should have gotten done during the day…Cuz things I should have done earlier are more important than watching my kids grow and learn. Whhaaa?? I hope you can read sarcasm. These moments will never come back to me. It’s a priority of mine to be excited for their games and practices. What can I do differently so that I can mentally be “there”? I can simplify my life and better prioritize my time.

I’ll be the first to say, I have no excuse. I work from home part time (25-30 hours a week) and have the rest of my days to myself with my toddler. Why on earth am I always in a rush then? Why do I always get to the end of my day and realize I only accomplished my work day? Yes, I graduated college with the idea that I would have a 9-5 but, here I am with a work schedule that some people would die for and I’m abusing it!

So first line of business. Shove that work schedule into a prettier window! Work, you now belong in a 5:30am to 11:30 time slot. Wow, that was easy!

Okay but, for real. My husband watched my chaos last Friday as I insisted it was important to start the weekend with a clean house. Picture frantic picking up from room to room while shouting my demands to the little people of the house.  Why this was happening while he was home is because I hadn’t shoved my work day into that perfect time slot yet. He had a great point when I suggested that I just needed more hours in the day. He said that “clearly that ain’t happenin’ hunny (pretend my voice is deeper with a cute country  boy man voice) the only way to create more time is to simplify.” Isn’t he cute? See the epiphany really started on Friday.

Le me stop myself before I write a book of rambles of my life adventures… To the point… See my tips below to help beat the chaos and live in the moment. Stop wishing and start doing!

  • Tip 1-Divy your time! Everybody knows what really bothers them and what they can let slide. Personally I base every action around my family.
    • I do not like to work when my family is home.
    • I despise starting the weekend with a messy house.
    • Clutter grinds my gears
    • I like a clean house. I'm just not one of those moms that can let the dishes go to sit and enjoy family time. It bothers me. A LOT. I wish I could let it go but, I can't. 

Based on that small list, those are my priorities. Fit those duties into a time frame that doesn’t take away from family time. That leaves me with 5:30am-4pm with breaks in between to get the kids ready for school and do preschool activities with my toddler. That’s 10 ½ hours! If I can’t work, mom, and clean in the 10 ½ hours when it’s just me the tot and the dog, then there are bigger problems with me than I thought.

  • Tip 2-Simplfy. I think the current craze of simple living and minimalism makes this point self-explanatory. Keep what makes you happy, toss the rest. It’s honestly that simple. Stop pinning those great pins and tackle a room, or a drawer if you’re me and need to start small. A few points that make simplifying life worth it and time freeing;
    • Less things to turn into a mess
    • Quicker clean up
    • Frees up more livable space
    • After the initial time investment of minimalizing/simplifying your home and life you will have a lot more time for the things that you enjoy.
You can see why this is desirable. In my book simplifying is the closest thing you can get to having more hours in the day.
  • Tip 3- Start doing. Stop telling yourself that you’ll do “x” when “z” is finished. You’ve heard this before, “Don’t be so focused on the destination that you miss out on the Journey”. Now apply that to life!
  • Tip 4- Stop planning… a little. I like a good plan. Without a plan it’s hard to know whether you are coming or going. Eventually though, we all need to say enough is enough. What I mean is, stop planning for all the things you will do when Summer comes and we have nice weather. I’m sure you had “plans” for spring. Do those spring plans now!
Spring Adventures. Living life in the country

    In all, we have the power to take control of our own lives. Do not wait for the perfect time otherwise you might wait forever. Whatever you feel that your obstacle is (school, work, money, time, etc.) work with what you have now. You will come to a point that you’ll realize you missed out by not living in the moment.

    How does this fit into adventures you ask? Well, life itself is an adventure worth living so make the best of it.

    Please share with me how you kicked Wednesday’s Ass and lived in the moment!

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