Discover the brands carried at Adventure Family Outfitters. Learn why I chose them, why I care, and why I think you may care.



I first discovered Logan and Lenora in 2013 at a conference in Columbus. I was drawn to the vibrant prints and HAD to find a reason to purchase one of their bags! In talking with them, I learned they were based out of Colorado. A USA based company plus style!? Yup, I loved them ;) Not only were they a USA company, Logan and Lenora also took the time to heat bond the seams of their waterproof bags to avoid using harmful chemicals. Did you catch that they are waterproof? Perfect!

When I launched Adventure Family Outfitters, they were one of the first products I thought of to carry. I believe in quality products. Bonus points when they are USA made. I had already been suggesting these products to friends and family since 2013 so it seemed only naturally to stock these for my customers. I promise, you won't be disappointed but, I must caution, you may become addicted to the great quality and everyday style....

Check out the link below and grab a cuppa tea for this video that shows the difference and perks of a select few bags.



Cedarpass Creative! What an awesome business which lends so much inspiration from their products! I was drawn to their quality shirts first because we share similar values. Like Adventure Family Outfitters, Cedarpass knows that quality should be at the top of the list when it comes to customer service, experiences, and products. If that wasn't enough, the products are made right here in the USA.

I have all the shirts listed in my store as well as coasters and print art. As Cedarpass expands and creates more items, I will no doubt list them to sell to my awesome customers!

Soooo...why are these shirts so great? It's in the design! There's a little something for everyone starting with your general explorer to you sailor or star gazer. 

These shirts are like skittles, you can't have just one;)



Good To-Go was inspired while on the trail. The neat thing about this Maine based company is that a talented chef, Jennifer Scism, created meals that she ate first. When she met her husband, he was already into adventure. Jennifer loved all that hiking and the trail offered except for the meal options. This is where her talent came into play and how each of the dehydrated recipes were born. Most of her recipes were inspired from her world travels.

The concept with Good To-Go hits close to home for me. Any one who knows me knows that I take my food seriously when embarking on adventure! After all, food is fuel and our adventure is hindered if we can't take it on with full power!


Adventure Family Outfitters was created on the idea that adventuring is easy when you're well equipped. Whether it be a rainy day with wind gusts or a perfectly sunny day, the gear that you have outfitted you and your family with will make or break your experience. Personally, I don't take on an adventure without wool. Wool is lightweight and easy to fit into any bag or pouch. This is were Duckworth comes into play!

A Montana company that prides itself on Sheep to Shelf! Duckworth is a wool clothing company.

As you know, I'm a small start up business. For me it's hard to find quality products to carry in my store because of the size and age of my business. During my search I have made it a point to seek out other small blooming companies who put as much efforts into their products as they put into other parts of their business. 

I also make it a point to test the products myself or someone close to me whose opinions I value and trust. 

Duckworth has far exceeded my expectations! You can find wool at multiple retail locations. However, finding a good quality, responsibly manufactured, wool that actually does its job can be tricky!  Duckworth delivers on all the promises that wool carries such as its powerful wicking, odor fighting, body temperature regulating properties.


Wolfpack Supply Dog Leashed and Collars

Handmade leashes from sunny Northern California! Wolfpack Supply knows how to adventure. Weather it’s a grueling hike that requires dog boots and food or a venture to the local coffee shop there leashes, collars, and collapsible bowls are ready for your pup.  

What caught my heart was that these leashes are made in California. USA! These are different than your standard leash and collar though. They add the unique twist of actually manufacturing them at a climbing rope facility. Where adventure meets quality. Of course no dog product hits my webstore without the approval of my Labrador, Oakley. Not surprisingly, he can tell that the individuals at Wolfpack Supply are good dog people.


Pretty Hunter Ammo Jewlery