Fido Bone-A-Fide Antler Chew

Fido Bone-A-Fide Antler Chew

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Bone-A-Fide chews are made using the finest quality “A” grade North American Deer and Elk antler available. 

Many of you are familiar with the benefits of providing your dog with real antlers. They won't splinter and they are all natural making them a great alternative to rawhide variety chews. To add to this high quality chew, these antlers have a high mineral content and are great for your furry friend’s teeth. 

*A note from Adventure Family Outfitters*

Oakley is Adventure Family Outfitters mascot. His opinion matters most when it comes to the Adventure Dog Collection. We've found by accident, by washing your antler for your pup, it starts the breakdown and makes it all the tastier! Trust Oakley when we say this antler is long lasting. So much so that your pup is more likely to lose it before they chew it down all the way!

  • USA product
  • Safe and Natural
  • No Dyes, Preservatives, of Allergens
  • Grade A Antler 
  • Provides Healthy Coat
  • Antlers will vary from each other because these come straight from nature