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Shed Antler Training DVD with Jeremy Moore

Shed Antler Training DVD with Jeremy Moore

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*A note from Adventure Family Outfitters*
Perhaps you're not into hunting like our mascot Oakley. Maybe, like Oakley, your companion just loves a good scent trail with a good antler chew ending. This DVD is a great tool to enhance your relationship with your furry friend! 
*A note from Dog Bone Hunter*
Professional dog trainer and developer of Dog Bone™ training products Jeremy Moore demonstrates his step-by-step procedure for training your hunting companion to find and retrieve shed antlers in the Gun Dog Shed-Antler Training DVD. By emphasizing low pressure with constant control, Moore shows you how to encourage the retrieving instinct, teach basic obedience and develop a thorough search pattern out in the field.  48 minutes.


  • Instructional DVD featuring professional dog trainer Jeremy Moore
  • Teach your dog to find and retrieve shed antlers
  • Develop a thorough search pattern for the field
  • Learn to encourage the retrieving instinct
  • Basic obedience instruction